Hi, I’m Kristen. A wife, mom and now a photographer. There’s some irony in the photography part, as my husband cringes at the very thought of having his picture made. I’ve managed to get him to smile in quite a few, so that tells me maybe I’ve finally found my calling. I’ve always heard that a picture is worth a thousand words...at least that’s what they say, but for me a picture is worth so much more. A picture takes you back to a moment in time that has been tucked away, maybe for days, months or even years. I didn’t realize the power of photography, until I had children of my own. I literally have thousands upon thousands of pictures of my kids, but I’m that type of mom that has to capture EVERY moment, especially the important ones, you know like birthdays, all of those “firsts”, ballgames, and most importantly those candid moments when they have no idea I’m even watching. There’s something amazing about seeing a child’s world through the lens of a camera. Their innocence. Their simplicity. Their joy. That, my friends, is what I want to do for you; help you capture all of those beautiful moments that your heart cherishes, so that you can have them for years to come.

Although, babies & children tend to be my specialty, I don’t limit myself. I, happily photograph mothers-to-be, couples and families. I am fully aware of all the other options out there and do not take it lightly when you entrust capturing all of your family’s sweet moments to me. I am honored and blessed to be apart of it.

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